Join Or Start A Vanpool

Join a Vanpool

      To take a free trial ride or join a vanpool, you may call our office at (540) 656-2770 or email us at

[email protected]

      . You may also send us an email by sending us your name and contact information using our

“Contact Us”

    website page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for considering Commuter Express Inc.!

Start a New Vanpool

Receive a $100 Referral Fee for Each New Rider you Recruit!

    To start a new vanpool route, all you need is a group of 8-14 riders that have similar commuting routes and work schedules. The riders meet at a designated pick-up point where their cars can be safely parked for the day. This is usually a commuter lot (store or church where permission has been obtained). Some vans have more than one pick-up point and more than one drop off point at the work destination, and some don’t. It all depends on what is convenient for the group. We will take care of this planning and coordination for you or help you do this yourself, if you prefer. CXI accepts all government and employer transit benefit programs including SmartBenefits and the TRANServ Debit Card program.
    CXI owns the van and takes care of everything. We pay for and take care of all maintenance, repairs, cleaning, license, registration and insurance. We also pay for all of the fuel. The vanpool will need one or two primary drivers and a few backup drivers. Each driver must be 25 years old and have a valid driver’s license; no other special license is required. The driver’s ride for free on the days they drive or half price if they drive one-way. Usually, the drivers take turns fueling the van every three or four days and contacting CXI if there is a problem with the van or an accident. This is all that is required of the riders and drivers.
      In order to tell you what the monthly fare price will be for each rider, we will need to know the approximate number of miles your vanpool commute will take each day. Each rider is responsible for mailing their own payment. The primary driver is not responsible to collect for us. This is a month-to-month arrangement so you are not making any long term commitment, although we will do our best to keep you satisfied. Many of our vanpools have been in existence for over ten years. The fare price will NOT fluctuate with ridership. If you lose riders, the vanpool does not have to make up the lost revenue from those riders.

Commuter Express (CXI) is responsible for maintaining a sufficient number of riders on the van; however, we will pay a $100 referral fee to any rider that refers a “new rider” to any of our vanpools.

    A “new rider” is someone that has not been a Commuter Express rider for the previous three months and the new rider must pay their first month’s fare before the referral fee is earned and paid. Call our office at 540-656-2770 and start forming a new vanpool today!