Vanpool Advantages

For most people, vanpooling is the most cost-effective, flexible and convenient commuting alternative to driving alone to work.  Those who vanpool to work enjoy many benefits, including the following:


  • Saves Money – Riding in a vanpool will save you 40-75% of the cost of driving your own car.  Vanpooling is one of the least expensive commuting options. By eliminating the solo commute to work each day, a vanpooler saves money on gas, maintenance, insurance, oil and tires.  Also, Federal government employees (including DoD civilian and military) receive a subsidy of $125 per month to further lower the cost of vanpooling.  Many contractors and private employers also provide a subsidy to their employees.  Additionally, individuals vanpool riders are eligible for significant tax savings.  IRS Code §132(f) allows employers to provide a pre-tax transit benefit to their employees up to $125 per month from the employees paycheck toward the cost of vanpooling.  This lowers the employee’s taxable income and their share of payroll taxes (FICA).


  • Saves Time – You will also shorten your commute time by traveling in an HOV lane.  When you let someone else drive you to and from work, you can use the free time to work, sleep, read, or simply relax and recharge your batteries.  Plus, your employer may offer a special parking location for your vanpool to save time walking across the parking lot.


  • Reduces Commute Stress – Imagine arriving at work refreshed and ready to begin your day, free from commuting stress!  Vanpoolers enjoy a leisurely commute, allowing time to relax between work and home.


  • Saves the Environment – An average commute of 50 round-trip miles in a 15-passenger van takes 14 cars off the road and eliminates the emission of over 40 pounds of pollutants into the air, each day!


  • Flexible and Convenient – Vanpools can operate where and when they are needed, regardless of the availability of transit service.  This flexibility is enhanced by the convenience of being picked up near your home and dropped off at work.  After-work errands can still be accomplished by meeting your vanpool at a nearby Park and Ride lot.


  • Improved Quality of Life – Vanpoolers enjoy a regular work schedule which allows more family or leisure time and an improved quality of life.  In addition, vanpooling allows personal satisfaction by contributing to the community’s overall quality of life and preservation of the environment.


  • Companionship – Get to know your neighbors and co-workers in a vanpool group.  Many vanpool groups have been together for years, not only sharing their commute but also sharing friendship and companionship.  No lonely riders here! CXI has vanpool groups that have been together for many years.


  • Extends Automobile Life – Eliminating wasteful commuting miles each day will extend the life of your car.