Route 630-4

Route 630-4

Route 630-4 departs from exit 140 off I-95, leaving the Route 630 Commuter Lot on Courthouse Road in Stafford, VA at 4:55AM.

The members of this van travel to The Washington Navy Yard and operate on a 6:00AM-3:30PM Monday-Thursday work schedule, departing at 2:30PM on Fridays. They occasionally leave early on Washington National game days as well, with consent of all riders. They stop at WNY Buildings 197 and 33 before ultimately parking near Building 196 or 166.

The van travels along S/Capitol Street, New Jersey Avenue, and M Street. Agency’s along M St include the Federal Transit Administration, Lockheed Martin Corp., US Dept of Transportation, and Bank of America  This route can service anyone looking for a 100 through 600 address from K, L and M Street.

The van arrives back to the Route 630 Commuter Lot at 4:40PM.