Route U3-3

Route U3-3

Route U3-3 departs from exit 130 off I-95, leaving the Old Salem Church Road Park and Ride off Plank Road/Salem Church Road in Fredericksburg, VA at 5:30AM

The members of this van travel to The Washington Navy Yard and operate on a 6:30AM-4:00PM Monday-Thursday work schedule, departing at 3:00PM on Fridays. They drop riders off at DOT around 6:20AM and pick them up around 4:20PM.

The van travels along S/Capitol Street, New Jersey Avenue, and M Street. Agency’s along M St include the Federal Transit Administration, Lockheed Martin Corp., US Dept of Transportation, and Bank of America  This route can service anyone looking for a 100 through 600 address from K, L and M Street.

The van arrives back to the Old Salem Church Road Park and Ride at 5:45PM.